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1 on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:20 am


Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
guys try nyu ni nga game hu its a browser based MMORPG ^^

may pagka.naruto xa actually its name before was naruto-rpg pero gn.change nla kay its a little too naruto knu ^^

its on its 2nd core with new features kag bag.o lng gid release ang war feature and clan feature is soon to come ^^

you can join 1 of 6 villages each have their own village jutsu. once you become chuunin you have the option to

go outlaw or buy reputation points to join the village of horizon where you can train all the available village jutsus in the game.

you start as an academy student then after you meet some requirements you can proceed to rank up to genin ^^ as a genin you have the

chance to go and get a random bloodline. it will determine which offense you could train. there are 4 different offenses you could choose

from(ninjutsu,taijutsu,genjutsu,and weapon jutsu) and you can be added up by jounins or Special Jounins to be their students with their

bonus stat gain and guidance you can become stronger as

you train under them. also, you cannot be attacked by enemy shinobi from other villages while at genin. ^^

then when you decide to go chuunin thats the time that you could be attacked so prepare your hospital bills ^^

of course after chuunin you could rank up to jounin but you have the option to stay chuunin or at any rank you want ^^ after jounin

come Special Jounin. Lastly, theres the commander rank the highest rank so far in the game ^^ cdoki

join kmo shroud ara ko to ^^

but if you want to RP gid ya i suggest you join konoki ^^

PM me kng ma.join man gid kmo.. username ko there is happy

myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo myahoo

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2 Re: on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:43 am


ooohhhh.... that... tried na. ^__^ nugon sang stats namon!!!! y did they hav to change server back then!

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3 Re: on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:49 am


I've tried this already. SlackerLord too.XD

parang silent players kmi dun, hehe~

nag remain kmi Chuunin, wla na kmi nag change kay prone to being attacked na. XD
Took us 3 months of sleep deprivation just to get where we were. We stopped playing when they changed servers, that was a year or two ago? stats went back to zero. T____T

so.... we gave up.

damo na gle bag-o... so how is it? ano rank mo?

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4 Re: on Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:23 pm


Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
Michinoshi【道の師 ・ 道師】
hahaha... i was there before they changed core 1 to core 2 ^^

i brought my main and alt with me to core 2 so nka.bulig gid ang mga up ko na rep points pra sa core 2 bonus regen.. hmmmmmmm... i was at the top 10 sa 1st week sng core 2 then naging busy ko kay manug.grad ko high school T.T so........ untat ko nadelete account ko.. now back to zero T.T

genin ko sbng aiming to be uber genin pra trip2 lng ^^

genin ko nga lvl 1 with 1mil exp lng pero bank ko 50mil ryo na ^^

hmpng kmo lwat bla mas.nami kag mas.sadya kag mas.balanced na ang hampang ^^

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