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some works from DarkStreet Studios

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1 some works from DarkStreet Studios on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:48 am


some of my rendentions via Adobe Photoshop CS ... mostly collaborations with Betch and KitsuneSyraph

random gothic girl ... lineart by Ataribetch and colored by me XD XD

Diadem original character for our proposed project Subterfuge
lineart by Ataribetch colored by me

uhmm here's something from an already published manga we have in the indie magazine Scratch Go Go distributed here locally.. ^^;

lineart by Ataribetch
colored and story written by me XD XD

Goldrush .. main character for our manga "En"

Liko another character from the manga.. <-- something about the manga

lineart by AtariBetch .. colored by me

and this time...
lineart of KitsuneSyraph .. colored and story written by me


Namida a manga am currently working with KitsuneSyraph
we are still on the process of finalizing the characters and the whole plot

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2 Re: some works from DarkStreet Studios on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:49 am



mwahahahahahah!!! /gg /gg

btw these are old works... will update w/ some new works sometime..

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