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Nostale : A Whole New World! (Literally >_>)

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1 Nostale : A Whole New World! (Literally >_>) on Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:23 pm


Hey guys! :hi:
Thought I'd be the first to start with a new post on the games section :idea:
Well first off let's talk about the game play ;)
Ever played ragnarok online before? Well, the game play's similar! Because it became such a famous hit here in the Philippines, I decided to compare nostale to this, so you guys can have a clearer idea! :)

Here are some similarities between the two games:
*The ability of the player to capture and raise a pet
*You can buy skills for your character as with almost all MMORPGs
*You can attack the monsters directly with the skills you gain, unlike some games like wonderland online or aura rose where the battle opens in another window, then you and the enemy take turns whacking each other. Just like Ragnarok online, if you have great skills and fast clicking abilities, you can kill an opponent ten levels higher :lol:

Great Features of this game:
*First factor would have to be the TS (aka the Time Stones). These are mazes, or sometimes puzzles that you have to pass through depending on your level and the missions you've completed. Unlike other games, it uses the TS as the mission itself, and did I mention, depending on the TS, you can get a special prize, or even better, A FAIRY!
*Next, the fairies! Based on your current element, a fairy can make you stronger while using that element! Be sure to take it out all the time, because it grows every time you kill a monster, and WOOHOO coz you don't have to feed the little buggers and they don't die!
*One factor makes this game different from the rest, it has CARDS! yeah that's right cards. These cards are used to make your character shift forms. For example, from a mage you can turn into a red mage, a healer, etc. And the best part about the card system? You get a set of different techniques per card! and you don't have to throw any away to make room for new ones! 8D
*YOU GET YOUR OWN MINILAND! What's a miniland you ask? Its your own little world where you keep your pets, get visits from your friends and where you can build minigames for others to play with
*Another great factor is the minigame system
:mlfy: Here, you get to build certain infrastructures in your miniland, where players can play games, and you can get part of their prize, catch my drift? *wink wink* xP
BUT BE WARNED! The minigames have a sort of life span so its better if you let other players play it so you can get double the prizes...take my word on this one xP (been there and done that)
*SUPER CUTE EMOTICONS! And I mean really cute xP

Negative points in this game:
*You can't fully customize your characters :runaway: (Only a little, by getting good armor and cute little hats xP) They only have two or three hairstyles to choose from :(
*As with all games, perverts and scammers cannot be avoided >_> (But hey, only a noob would give someone else his/her account right? xP)

So? What are you waiting for? Hell to freeze over? Create an account and register now for a great gaming experience!
Here's the website, so just click the link :

Got questions? Post em to me xP
Or consult the ever knowing website @_@
Thanks for reading guys! 8D

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