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Wonderland Online! Hot Pets Galore!

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1 Wonderland Online! Hot Pets Galore! on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:23 am


Hey dudes and dudettes! :agree:
Why is this entitled with hot pets galore you ask? Well, its coz of the various HUMAN pets you can get!
There's a hugs variety of pets, and not only that, during some missions you get a HUMAN companion!
yeah, they're considered pets!
Now, if you were an insane otaku, why wouldn't you want to show off your new pet?
Especially if he's as hot as Clive, Sam, Frederico or Louis?
Well, here's a list and pictures of wonderland online pets as taken from the link

Roca -
Niss -
Xaolan -
Clive -
Magellan -
Kanako -
Shasha -
Qlaya -
Elin -
Frederico -
Charlotte -
Eva -
Angela -
Victoria -
Louis -
Sam -

So, let me give you a small description of the game play.
When you get into combat, there is a small pop-up window that will appear. There you will take turns attacking the monsters, and getting attacked by them. There is only one attack per round, so the advantage is that you can't get killed by higher leveled monsters, but the disadvantage is that it gets boring after a while.

Another system I like in this game is that you get your own tent that you can design in any way that you want!
You can put furniture, beds, and even manufacturing equipment! There are always ways where you can change your wallpaper or even floor tiles!

Next, the events are really easy! In most of the events, you just need to kill level 10+ monsters and get their drops! Its as easy as that!

What are the disadvantages of this game? There are times when leveling gets boring because of bursting. That's about it! Its fun, addicting and almost anyone can play it! So go ahead! Give it a try! You might like it! and if not, you could always switch to a new one!

Here's the website :
Happy gaming! :kawaii:

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